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Welcome to my life! I am Guillermo aka @heymemozam,  take a seat and #followmyjourney

Let me tell you my story, I was born in a Brazilian/Colombian family and I grew up in the Colombian Amazon. Since 2002 I started traveling around the world and learning languages, which is my passion.


I graduated from architecture school in Colombia in 2010 and moved to Qatar, I stayed there for a few years, then I finished a Masters in Design in Italy in 2015 and moved to Dubai, where I currently work.


Since my early years I have been always a curious monkey and until now I have been in 54 countries and I am not planning to stop!


I travel around the world, I review hotels, I try new restaurants and  I explore new ways of tourism and always snapping along the way.


...Also, have a thing for murals!


Come and see the world through my eyes!

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