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My next 10 Destinations, Travel Bucket list!

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Hey hey! thanks for reading my posts and for sending me messages suggesting this one!

Let me start this by really thanking you! I hope I inspire you everyday to travel and discover the world!

The places that i have on my bucket list now and HOPEFULLY will be going soon are:

1. Seoul (South Korea)

Seoul is a place that since a was a kid has inspired me! I believe they are so different from my cultural background that anything they do attracts me! all those little alleys, all the manga, all the decorated pastries they have makes me wanna take a plane and fly there tomorrow!

2. Iceland.

Have you seen the northern lights? or pictures of the northern lights? have you seen the blue lagoon? ok that's why i wanna go!

3. Iran

Isfahan and Shiraz, I am an architect and i am definitely fascinated by the stained glass in their Mosques, the geometry of their buildings and their rich ancient culture. it's been so many years I wanna go there and see it with my own eyes.

4. South Africa

Swimming with the great white shark, scares the Sh#$@ out of me but I really wanna do it!

5. Canada Lakes (Alberta)

Jesus tell me WHO DOESN'T WANT TO TAKE A PICTURE IN THOSE LAKES? I've never heard about anyone going to Canada and disliking it. Those lakes tho. PERFECTION.


Wake up to animals roaming around, Yes please!

7. Philippines.

Those islaaaaands my gosh!!!!! i wanna do the whole Island tours there. Coron, Puerto Princesa, Palawan etc.


Who doest want to take this picture? lol i do.


My dear friend from University is from Moscow and i always wanted to see Moscow and St. petersburg, The metro of Moscow, and those colourful churches.

10. Los Angeles and San francisco

L.A. Baby! i wanna see if i stumble upon some hollywood stars there, have the Cali life feeling, Drive down to Malibu on a cabriolet, San francisco steep streets! who wants to join me?

Check out my @heymemozam for my past trips! (and make sure you are following me there!)

Comment or suggest some places i should check out as well :)

PS: Images are from Pinterest/Google.

Thanks for reading! ciao...

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