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Free apps that I use to edit my Instagram photos, EVERYTHING on my phone!

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Hey there! I want to answer something i get asked a lot: "how do you edit your Instagram photos"? There are several apps and here, I will leave them for you to download:

First of all let me tell you that there are a thousand ways and Apps to do this, all options are valid, but these are the ones that I use:

Most of the photos I have on Instagram are with Iphone 7 plus, for example those from Cuba and those from Sri Lanka I did all with iIphone. Everything depends on the light, the better light the less editing is required, Also, something i get asked a lot and is "do you have a photographer every time you travel?" NO, I don't, I wish I had LOL, all travel photos are quite spontaneous or that is what I think, the key is always be mindful to what is around, if I travel with someone that person takes the pictures and if not, I ask anyone in the street, without shame or embarrassment, in the end what matters is to have a good picture :)

First of all I always, always, always take the pictures in RAW format, for those who do not know, the RAW format captures the photo with the original colors, while the photo taken from the phone photo app (Iphone, Samsung or whatever it is) saves them in JPEG and limits the editing levels. To take them in RAW I use Lightroom app or VSCO cam that also has that function.

These are the Apps and the order in which I use them:


It's free, it works very well to fix the light, edit the colors, clarity, accentuate the blacks / whites and also I use it a lot as, I said before, to take the picture in RAW.

Photoshop Fix

I use this App sometimes to remove things from the picture that I don't like or people from "touristy" photos, it happens when someone photobombs your snap and it's too late to take it again ... or to remove pimples from the photos sometimes LOL.

VSCO cam

This also has very good free filters and some paid ones that I also like, they are cheap always cost from $ 1-5 and are saved on the phone so it's fine. those that I use the most are HB2 and A6, I use only these two to give consistency to my feed and 40% - 100%, depending on the original shot.


This is always my last step in editing ... this App is to align, twist or center the photos.

I particularly look for elements within the frame to align them with, can be a tree, a bollard, a sidewalk, a building or anything with straight lines that i can take as a reference. It works super!


This App is very important for me, if you really want your feed to have consistency in colours, themes and how it looks in general. The cool thing of this App that lets you organize everything before Posting, so you can see how the photos will look like in a whole and reorganize them as you like ...

This app is key, because if you want to increase the number of followers or just to keep a nice image of your page (remember that your feed reflects your personality) It lets you organize them in a more polished way, trust me, you will feel proud the moment someone opens your page for the first time. Remember that a person makes the decision to follow you or not in 3 seconds of seeing your your last 9 photos ;)

In another post I will be showing you step by step how I edit my photos, where I focus more, EVERYTHING using my only my phone :)

Good luck and get creative!

Ahhh I forgot! remember to follow me on Instagram @heymemozam

Also, send me Screenshots of your accounts and I will be commenting on your photos!


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